The handpress is used in many different engineering sector to provide solution for different applications. User can leverage on the specially designed mechanism to produce higher forces. It is generally utilised for light duty processes, some of it’s feature are: – Linear Stroke and Force – Constant force can be applied for a period of time – Adjustable height to suit different application – Easily modified to suit individual needs (Modular Parts) – Light Weight (Approximate 7.5KG)

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A1: 125S 70mm

A2: 155M 90mm

A3: 200L 130mm

Common Handpress applications includes Snap fitting of parts, Dismantling, Bending and Forming, Assembly of bushes, bearings, pins.


Produced with cutting edge technology, SGO cutting tools are indispensable for today’s manufacturing environment. It is good for machining a wide range of materials ranging from fibre-reinforced polymer to alloy and steel of various hardness. SGO End Mill are available in various flute options and diameters.

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